Outdated info.

So if any of you are aware of this, I may have mentioned that it’s possible to fight against real players. This is no longer possible. It’s been a while, but it’s not possible to fight against other players in the tournament. It might have been at one point, but no longer, and it hasn’t […]

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What next?

Like, seriously, I feel like I’ve covered everything that I can, or that I care to. What do you guys think I can improve on or cover? I’m curious. If you feel like going through my blogs and sending me a message or something on what you think, then go ahead and give me ideas. […]

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The new packs

Hey guys, been a while since I’ve looked at this blog. Hey, look, it’s been collecting dust. Just want you guys to know my opinion on the packs.   DON’T. BUY. THEM.   That is all.

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Happy Revamp!

    Hello everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while (there’s really no excuse I’ve just been THAT dang lazy) HOWEVER… I do have some good news for all you! I’m going to be doing evaluations for dinosaurs in battle arena, tournament and even aquatic! That’s right! Tips for everyone and everything! Unless you […]

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Revamp again?!

Alright, so battle arena has been revamped again, now there is a tournament offering pvp. This is awesome in and of itself (and I can post a picture of my stats in it so far.) But since I got back from my trip (did I mention that? No I didn’t.) The revamp happened while I […]

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