Outdated info.

So if any of you are aware of this, I may have mentioned that it’s possible to fight against real players. This is no longer possible. It’s been a while, but it’s not possible to fight against other players in the tournament. It might have been at one point, but no longer, and it hasn’t been for a LONG time. If some of you still somehow doubt this, remember that the bots have a 16.5% damage reduction and act in ways that a real player just shouldn’t and wouldn’t. You don’t switch out your dinos, there’s absolutely NO point.

Now, a basic reason why they’re using bots is because… well, it’s just not possible to have that many players fighting in the same round and whatnot, you’d have people waiting on each other. Have you noticed that, no matter what, as soon as YOU finished, the next round would start, and everyone would advance at the same time, especially nowadays? Exactly.


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