The Tournament

Okay, so the day has finally come. I’m pretty much all out of tips for the battle arena! If you still want to see me do something or cover something just leave a comment and I’ll be sure to address it in a new post.

But, I felt that it’s time to move onto the tournament, particularly the DNA rescues. Most of the creatures are worth it, especially that Giganotosaurus. However, I’m not sure if they’ll go back and say “You missed your chance last time? Okay we’re doing it again so you have a chance again!” or not. I know that I didn’t get that Giganotosaurus because of some internet problems and I was SO close!

Try to win all the rounds that lead up to allstar if that’s possible for you. Don’t worry if you don’t win the allstar rounds, that’s okay because you have the chance to still get that DNA sample, which is true for the others but you’ll be getting more bucks out of it.

Now for the moment of truth *takes a deep breath* I’m going to let you know my tactics in the tournament. Make sure you have your meatshields go in first, they do less damage but can take more of a beating. Save the one that does the most damage for last. Do not use your blocks for your meatshields. Do not use your specials until your last dinosaur is on the field because he should be the one doing the most damage, also make sure he’s the only one blocking attacks at the end as well. The reason for this setup is because you want to get your opponent to waste their blocks, that’s what the meatshields are for.

    Why am I telling you guys this? The answer is simple, I’ve been running into the AI for the tournament (which is also significantly smarter, by the way) so many times that I’ve estimated the chances of you guys using my own tactics against me are very slim. I once ran into two dryosaurus’. No seriously, I’m not kidding. The AI is a cheating bastard so it sent two dryo’s at the same time.


6 thoughts on “The Tournament

  1. Any idea how it sets you up against you opponent strength wise? Does it go off of your player level, highest dino level, average of all your dinos levels, average of all your dinos ferocity, etc?

    1. It tends to do the amount on how much you ferocity you have combined when your wins from the previous tournament. Back in the day, I was basically just starting out and I was in allstar, using bronze dinos and kicking the butts of golds (a wonderful day) and farming it by just refreshing my bronzes and rinse and repeat. The next day I had so many points that it started sending in 30-35-39 level golds at me. I lost the first round fairly badly. So, to answer your question. It depends on how many wins you have and how much ferocity you have. Hope that answers your question.

  2. It does help, thanks! Yeah I’ve noticed similar experiences. Started fast and strong with ease, now I have to have my top three dinos in each round or risk getting crushed. I’m fairly new, lvl 30, maybe 4-5 weeks into the game, so most of my dinos are around lvl 10, except for T-rex, Stego, and Bronto at lvl 20. I was afraid that higher dinos would bring higher opponents. Guess I better start raising them! Thanks again!

    1. Well, I’m sure I mentioned this before, but use the battle arena to test your strengths and weaknesses, if you can’t win a battle against the AI there, you’ll get your ass handed to you in the tournament. And personally, I never ever send in dinos that are not lvl 35 and above and sometimes even then.

      1. Going off the theory that your opponents are based off the ferocity of you previous tournament, if I had all my dinos at the same ferocity then I should get opponents of consistent challenge, right?

  3. Yes. It also depends on how well you do. Let’s say you have lvl 20 dinos, you win with those, you’ll get a slightly harder challenge to balance it out so you have a chance of losing. The more you keep winning the harder it’ll be. If you don’t upgrade your dinos then you’ll eventually be outclassed. But the answer to your question is yes.

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