New Farming Techniques

As you all know, with the new update to JPB the Jurassic tournament and battle arena sections have been changed to be like the Aquatic and Glacier battles. In response to Nile I shall reveal some new techniques that I’ve been testing out.

Use Bronzes on lower level battles. Anything on Ankylosaurus level of toughness and above in terms of bronze should be used in 16-19 battles for maximum efficiency. Here’s how I do it with Ankylosaurus on 16 since that’s what I send him at nowadays. Send him in, swipe, the Pteranodon should switch out to the Allosaurus, now use charge, DON’T BLOCK for the love of god don’t block at any time when they switch out because they always switch back to the original (in this case the Pteranodon) if they don’t die from your following attack. Another swipe will kill him and bring in the other Ankylosaurus, using charge on him once will kill him and then the Allosaurus will jump in and then you can kill him by charging again. And yes, your Ankylosaurus will solo this if he’s max level (and he should be) I’ve tried, tested this and it works and it’s worked for me countless times. This primarily for farming for claws and doing this I currently have 3,210 claws and counting. And yes, I do use them occasionally in battles if I need the gold and/or resources because I obviously have enough to spare.

Another thing the bronzes are good for are figuring out the battle weaknesses of the dinosaurs, send in your bronzes first and poke at them to figure things out but make sure they’re Ankylosaurus + in toughness.

Now, my favorite stages to farm are stages 16, 18, and 34. I’ll use silvers to farm 34 for obvious reasons and normally only 1 or 2 golds. The easiest way to farm 34 is to ignore what I said about sending in your best first. Make sure your Pterodactylus is max level, now select it and then select a max level Camarasaurus (Coryth or Galli are just as good but I recommend the aforementioned Camarasaurus. Now, once the battle begins we are going to assume things go just as planned, basically the Iguanodon doesn’t block the first attack. Have the Pterodactylus bite, Iguanodon doesn’t die but is heavily damaged, he switches out and there’s the Pachy (no way in hell I’m spelling the whole name) now charge with the Ptero, if he blocks that’s okay. Now remember what I said about not blocking when it comes to switching? Remember that. Now he’ll switch back to the Iguanodon and now I’m sure if I covered about you switching in tournament and battle arena or not but I’ll say this now and/or again. You never switch out for just about any reason because it gives your opponent a free attack (unless you’re trying to be a dick to another player when you have the obvious advantage but whatever floats your boat.) In this case ignore this, have your Pterodactylus switch out to the Camarasaurus. In theory your Ptero has taken no damage while dishing out a ton in turn now use your Camarasaurus to weaken the enemy, take out the Iguanodon and keep attacking the Albertosaurus, I’ve actually had the Camarasaurus not die a few times, heavily damaged yes but not die but this was rare and I’m almost always forced to use the Ptero to finish the battle.

Now, if things didn’t go to plan and the Iguanodon decided to block that first attack, block HIS attack as revenge. But that’s the only time I’m letting you guys actually do that!

If anyone has any questions and/or suggestions please leave a comment on what you want, I’m going to be making a video soon to showcase a lot of my techniques in farming this stuff. Until then, happy hunting.


9 thoughts on “New Farming Techniques

  1. so tournment DNA Seems dodgy to me i just won a tournament it said open all to celebrate your win and it only opened one dna can instead of 3. That and its outrageously expensive :-/

  2. Yes, I’ve run into that as well. I don’t know what it’s like for the lower tournaments but I’ve been running in Allstar the entire time since it came out. I’ve won every single but it looks like you just have to save up every single time and not try to go for every new creature that comes into the DNA tournament. Patience is the key here.

  3. I have (just started playing again after a long break and the battle system now has 3 separate attacks instead of just 1 random attack, which is cool. I also noticed that the same attack works on the no matter what dino is attacking. For example a bite might inflict maximum damage on a raptor no matter what dino you use for that level. My question is do you have a list of maximum damage attacks for the levels and if so would you be willing to share them? I have levels 5-15 mapped out but having the rest would save me a lot of time and heartache.

  4. Well, what I can say to you is that you should level up your dinosaurs first. If by maximum damage attacks you mean the attacks you should be using on a dinosaur to inflict max damage, then here’s my advice. If the dinosaur is armored in any way, you charge it which means you can’t bite it unless you want to annoy it. A good rule of thumb is to remember that if it isn’t armored (spikes and what have you) then you should bite the dinosaur. If it doesn’t do max damage then you start swiping at it and vice versa. I’ll be posting a video soon, I know I’ve said that a lot but I’ll probably get to it today.
    Sorry it also took me so long to get to you. Been busy with tournament and getting dinosaurs and whatnot.

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