Okay, so while none of you have asked about what battle arena levels I should do I decided that I shall make a few at my discretion until people finally start commenting on it. When will I do this? I don’t know, tomorrow, next week, next month, it’ll happen eventually…. it’s in development hell right now.
Speaking of things in development hell, I would like to direct you to another blog of mine

If you enjoy my writing here then you might enjoy this comedy that I have and will be doing. Note, I’ve changed when I post new issues on there as it will now be once a month since doing it weekly is a bit too much for me to handle at this current time. So yeah, that’s pretty much it right now, if anyone wants to contribute to this blog (Jurassic Park, not Bob and Carrot that’s mine!) write some comments about suggestions and what you think might be missing, what you want to see, etc.
On that note, have fun. Don’t forget to spread this around to your friends and whatnot and know that this is for primarily for free to play players!
Now, I don’t know what you people normally do so I’ll leave you to it.


2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Well this series of tournament has been tough. Seems everyone who plays now has good teams everyone I’ve faced has had full level gold Dinos even in the bronze zones. Seems loads of my opponents have the new super expensive dinosaurs too (the horned triceratops-y one and the flying one) at high levels.

    I managed to grab the horned carnivore when that came on sale again last using in game earned dollars but now broke in dollars and tournaments have run my claws/tooth supply dry for special attacks and blocks

    Been a while since I visited the offline battles for getting teeth/claws don’t really know where to start the claws earned is minimal per battle I seem to remember unless they changed that too, I used to be best off playing through the lower levels using 1 dinos per battle as it returned more claws for less effort and time than the later fights

    If you had a strategy for farming claws and herbivore food that’d be helpful. Have too much meat and annoyingly can’t use the plant and meat from land park in the ice park.
    It’s costing so much to evolve and feed my dinosaurs now especially underwater and ice I don’t even bother to hit evolve unless I have 2.5million coins as they fail so often and cost so much. I think my smilodon has sucked 3.2 million from me for its latest evolution path and still hasn’t filled its bar yet.

    Wish we could hire better researchers :-p

  2. And I do have some suggestions for you and I can tell you that I’ve run into the same thing ever since Glacier Tournament came around. I ran into bronzes only when during B tournament and only 1 silver at one point in time, then silvers in S Tournament, golds in G Tournament and so on and so forth. But nowadays I’m seeing golds in BRONZE tournament. The only times I actually lose is because I lose connection (stupid computer) and for some reason this counts as a loss. Thankfully I haven’t lost a single Jurassic Tournament battle this time around. However, you can still get help for research if you have people who play the same game and whatnot. I find that it’s helpful. In response to this comment I shall address this in my post.

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