What Dinosaurs you should use

Sorry I haven’t gotten to this in a while, but I simply haven’t had the… time…

Yeah, even I know that’s a lame excuse but I don’t have to explain myself to you!

But anyways, on to what I was actually going to talk about. Here’s the types of dinosaurs you should be using for certain situations.

First off: Carnivores. Carnivores like Spinosaurus and the Compy are glass cannons but extremely good for those early stages if you level them up properly. And just so you know, the Parasaurolophus might be listed as ‘better’ than the Compy but this is not true when they are both at lvl 4o. The compy will outdamage the Para by nearly over 200 points with only 18 points lower health and it has a shorter cooldown, making it much better for doing anything the Para can do and better. But otherwise use the higher grade carnivores (silver and above) for getting to the next stage, especially the Pterodactylus (which, like the compy and Para situation, will outperform the Coryth because of his insane damage [He’ll outdo GOLD dinosaurs in terms of damage] and health to match the Camarasaurus makes him way better at doing anything than the Coryth so if you want shit done take the Ptero.)

Now on to Herbivores: These guys tend to be walking tanks without the firepower except for the Dryosaurus (which for some odd reason is apparently the best dino you can get without spending actual money because of his high health and damage) But aside from that they have the highest health and are the best dinos for farming because you can be sure they won’t go down easily. A lvl 40 Para is comparable to a lvl 20 Troodon, same damage, slightly buffed health, this makes the Para better until you lvl up that Troodon.

Herbivores and carnivores: In order to get the best out of your dinosaurs you should combine them together especially during farming. In order; put either your ‘worst’ dino (low health high damage) first or last and vice versa with your ‘best’ dino (unless it happens to outperform other two said dinos; then do whatever you want with it.) Obviously give the middle slot to your average dino. No, not your actual average dino I mean the second dino you selected.

After that, you can experiment however you want to, now get out there and make me proud! Seriously, video or it didn’t happen, that’s how you’ll make me proud.


3 thoughts on “What Dinosaurs you should use

    1. My cardboard is lol 40 and he took down a allosaurus in 1 hit NOT using a special so he does get a lot better once you lol him up:-)

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